Cape Woolamai and When Things Go Wrong


The other week I finally found sometime to head out on a little day trip and found myself struggling to choose a place to go! After a little research I decided on heading towards Phillip Island to a place called Cape Woolamai, and I am so glad that I did. Not only is the destination beautiful, but I was put in a situation where I learnt to remain calm, something that is important when travelling.

After a month long period of hectic work schedules I felt I needed that day away from the city with just me, myself and I. I can’t express this enough, everyone needs to allow themselves the time to travel alone, even if this mean just spending a day in the car driving away from your home for a few hours. I never thought I would like travelling alone, but since experiencing travelling in groups or with one other person I much prefer the solo road. So I packed a backpack of day essentials and drove down the South Gippsland Highway out of the city. There was a little trouble before arriving to Cape Woolamai but is something I am able to use as a learning curb.

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The Way to Portsea


After pushing through the struggle of the weekend at work I treated myself to solo road trip down the Nepean Highway, all the way to Portsea. I’ve never been to Portsea before so I took this chance to spend the day exploring the coast line that leads to Fort Nepean.

From Elwood, Portsea is about an hourĀ and half drive if you drive straight there without stopping, but who wouldn’t take the opportunity to detour and stop off at breath taking spots to admire what Port Phillip Bay has to offer! I was in awe the whole drive and was a bit annoyed that it had taken me so long to make this drive, especially because it is right outside my door!

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The Great Ocean Road

5In December and January I was blessed to have a few English backpackers walk into my life and become a part of it for their time spent in Melbourne. They made me feel happy, motivated and were always there for support and a good time. In February we all decided that we would take my car, a tent and a few sleeping bags and explore the Great Ocean Road for the night. As he time drew near a couple of them had to pull out due to work, but my friends Sam and Kayli were up for the trip. We got in the car one morning and headed off. The plan was to drive until we got to Warnabool, or just when we wanted to stop driving for the day, set up camp them head back the next day.

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