EATS: Meatmaiden, Melbourne, Victoria

meat maiden

Okay, so when people think of going out for dinner in Melbourne and the close surrounding areas most say ‘lets meet up in Lygon street’ or ‘dumplings in Chinatown with BYO’. This is quite general, of coarse, but as an observer and someone who works within the industry that is what I have found many any times. As good as these places are, it just seems like there is nothing new and exciting. These food hotspots are more traditional, which makes sense as it is Chinatown and Little Italy. The best part of going out for dinner is not knowing where you are going or what you even feel like. The streets and places you pass are your inspiration and the right food will pop out in front of you like a jack-in-a-box. Melbourne is one of the food capitals of Australia and has so many up and coming food spots, even spreading out into the suburbs, making people go the distance. In the CBD it is more exploring the little streets, the lane ways, the upstairs and the downstairs of buildings.

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EATS: Wild Organic Cafe


This morning I got out of bed reasonably early, 10am, as I start at 3pm today, because I was determined to get back into running. So I made my playlist and headed out. I got to say I was pretty proud of my efforts for jogging as my last one was about 4 or 5 months ago. On the way back I decided I would grab myself a coffee from one of the cafes Ormond Road, Elwood, has to offer, a little treat for my efforts.

I ran to a little cafe on a corner towards the start of the Ormond Road Village, a little cafe called Wild Organic Cafe.

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My Concrete Jungle

11262835_10153082684214495_1495842575_oIt is no secret that Melbourne is my favourite city in the world! It holds a special place in my heart and no matter how far away I travel I will always called Melbourne home. Now I came to the city in October 2011 after getting a job in the city and waited patiently for uni to start in February. I always knew one day I would end up here. My fascination for Melbourne started very young as I was a young girl living in the middle of nowhere with big dreams of adventure, and at that age the big smoke was something to aspire to. A lot of my family live in and around Melbourne so we travelled there for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, special occasions and every time we came over the West Gate Bridge and saw the city skyline I fell more and more in love with it.

Melbourne has become my home and not because the streets are beautiful, there is always something to do, it’s full of different cultures and it also made me a strong person.

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EATS: Vineyard, St Kilda


There is nothing more I love than going out and for breakfast, lunch or dinner with good company. TOday I took advantage of my 3pm start and grabbed a quick bite to eat with my Mum and sister who were visiting the city for the day. As much as I love exploring and finding hidden gems, we stuck to the track and dined on St Kilda’s famous Acland Street, known for its plentiful and old style cake shops. Since time was of the essence, we decided to sit and eat at the Vineyard, situated at the start of Acland Street. As daggy as the decor and stain glass windows are, the vibe of the place is great and is quite pleasent sitting in the ‘grass’ area in the sunshine, which lasted around 20 minutes today.

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