5 Songs I Love Right Now

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My prime time in discovering what is new in the music world is my very short time in the car to and from work as I listen to Triple J. It is there I use the most incredible app I have ever had, Shazam, to find out these songs I fall in love with at first listen.

**If you don’t have Shazam you best get to you Play store or iTunes store and download it! Not only are you able to find out the song that was playing whilst you browse the supermarket or while waiting in a doctors room, you can also see what is trending in ANY city around the whole world!

So here are 5 songs I really love at the moment!

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5 Songs I Love Right Now

I finally got myself into gear and went on a little exploring on the world wide web to find some new tunes. I was creating a small playlist for myself to relax to as I was soaking in the bath the other day and I wasn’t satisfied with the tunes I had in my collection, I was ready for something new, but that’s not to say I don’t love my music collection. So I went exploring…

Here is five songs I found and fell in love with at first sound!

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5 Songs I Love Right Now


For the last couple years I have become really slack when it comes to discovering music. I use to try and find blogs that no one have ever heard of just to find music that no one had heard of or spend hours on Soundcloud discovering everything! But I don’t regret it because if I had not have become slack in that form of discovery I wouldn’t have found an appreciation for pop music. I went through stages in my teenage years where I refused to listen to the radio or any pop music for that matter. I wanted to make myself look like I was that unique music lover that was so dedicated to music that mainstream just wasn’t an option… I was wrong. Especially with the direction of career I want to go in, music supervision and licensing, I have to have the most open of minds because not everything is about MY personal taste in music. I appreciate that a lot as I have found that pop music isn’t so bad at all, it is quite good, the thing that frustrates me the most is radio and their constant need to repeat. I hate that because I will find a song I really enjoy listening to and love then I become bored and begin to hate it. Thanks mainstream radio for your lack of selection, and your hours and HOURS worth of advertising.

Playlists were my favourite things to do in the world and constantly found myself sitting up in bed for hours just writing down songs I love of lists of songs I have discovered. Today I give you 5 Songs I Love Right Now

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5 Places On My European List


So I have decided that in November I will be making my way to the UK travelling and working. I have come to that time in my life now that I feel the need to explore and experience somewhere other than everything I know here in Melbourne. As much as I love Melbourne, my favourite city next to Austin Texas and New Orleans Louisiana,  I need to spread my wings and fly. Whilst I am over there I plan to spend my first month exploring as much as I can. Working in hospitality over all these years have given me the amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world and FINALLY I will be able to visit them in their hometowns, most residing across the UK and France. This makes me super excited and I am so ready for this new adventure!

Without further ado, here is 5 places I have on my list to visit…

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