Chvrches Recent BBC Live Lounge


Can we all talk about Chvrches recent BBC Live Lounge cover of Justin Beiber’s song What Do You Mean?? Wow! I have been a fan of Chvrches for maybe a year and half since hearing their amazing song The Mother We Share through one of my Youtube sessions. I was blown away with their retro synth sounds combined with the cute, emotional, unique voice of singer Lauren Mayberry. That album,The Bones Of What You Believe, soon became near the top of my favourite albums list. There wasn’t a time through that album I became bored or skipped a track, which is actually a rare occurrence. When I opened my Facebook this morning I was bombarded with sites talking about this recent BBC Live Lounge session, and of coarse I clicked straight away!

I have lately been super stoked on the singles the band have been releasing including Leave A Trace and was over the moon with the first listen of their new record Every Open Eye through site NPRwhich is possibly taken the top spot of 2015 releases I absolutely love. Then their BBC Live Lounge cover has made me even so much more happier! Watch below and be prepared to be blown away!



EATS: Meatmaiden, Melbourne, Victoria

meat maiden

Okay, so when people think of going out for dinner in Melbourne and the close surrounding areas most say ‘lets meet up in Lygon street’ or ‘dumplings in Chinatown with BYO’. This is quite general, of coarse, but as an observer and someone who works within the industry that is what I have found many any times. As good as these places are, it just seems like there is nothing new and exciting. These food hotspots are more traditional, which makes sense as it is Chinatown and Little Italy. The best part of going out for dinner is not knowing where you are going or what you even feel like. The streets and places you pass are your inspiration and the right food will pop out in front of you like a jack-in-a-box. Melbourne is one of the food capitals of Australia and has so many up and coming food spots, even spreading out into the suburbs, making people go the distance. In the CBD it is more exploring the little streets, the lane ways, the upstairs and the downstairs of buildings.

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M.I.A and Turning to Face the Strange, Ch-ch-changes

Wow, this is the first time I have logged here sing the start of August, I never realised just how busy I was until I got a few relaxing days off last week. To be honest I felt I put myself into the position of being busy all the time because my mental state got bad, which was good and bad to throw myself into a month of crazy work hours and no time to relax. Good because I felt myself getting bad within my headspace so in keeping myself busy I was able to block out the bad thoughts, the lows, but in doing so I ran myself completely down, I got physically sick and I became short tempered and frustrated with everything. But finally I have given myself the taste of relaxation and I am enjoying it, even though my headspace isn’t quite right, I will get there, there is always hope.

Even though I filled my schedule completely with work, a lot has changed some for the best, some a bit upsetting but is better in the long run. I’ll start with my move. I packed up my things and started selling my things, getting ready for the even bigger move in November. I moved back into my old share house and this times it is much more relaxing and not so awkward because everyone gets along. The crew here is solid and easy to live with. This house hadn’t been like this since I first moved in over 2 and a half years ago. It’s a great feeling to actually look forward to coming home and hanging out with the people you live with.

The next change to come within my life at this current time is getting my passport back with that special page for my UK visa, which is such a great feeling. I was very excited to retrieve it, although it was very bittersweet. After doing my tax and finding out that I actually owe quite a bit of money due to my university loans, I made the adult decision to change my ticket and work throughout summer and leave in March. One, because it allows me to pay off this debt without the pressure of a short time limit and two, I will be able to travel before having to get a job, if I left it to my original plans I would be going straight to England and having to find a job straight away, not exactly my ideal plan. So, I guess I have the Aussie summer to look forward to with great people!

With 6 months of working my ass off and enjoying Australia I will do my best to keep exploring! With that said I have decided to re-design my approach and my blog. A bit more organised and a bit more… me! Stay tuned as I finally have the time to update and really work on expressing myself as a person on here. I want to share more of my at-home cooking and recipes, more reviews on places I eat and, hopefully in the near future, more vlogs! By the time I head off to the world I will seem more of a professional! :p

I shall keep you posted my babyfaces! ❤

All Over Again…

I’d like to say that I am okay, that right at this moment in my life I feel happy and inspired, the truth is I am not. This is not something I can help, it is also no one else’s fault. Shitty things happen in life but they are the challenges we must face to become stronger. All our fails contribute to our success, and as much as people preach that and as much we want to live by that, knowing that it will get better, it’s hard sometimes to get through it and we end up feeling sorry for ourselves and ask the question…

“Why me?”

In the last couple of weeks I have felt myself spiral downward into a state of depression. The things that are running through my mind are insanely negative and all I want to do is cry and scream and blame everything and everyone. My once happy self has become bitter and negatively emotional, and I absolutely hate it. I find myself talking to people in my life with always something to complain about, and to be completely honest I feel I have no control over that. I use bottle a lot of things in when I was younger, resulting in fits of rage and destruction. As I grew older and discovered that the chemical imbalance in my brain is what causes my roller coaster of emotion I learnt that to ease the side effects of things going wrong and myself hitting rock bottom again I had to express and talk to people, let it out. I guess now I have made myself so use to it that I can’t help but whine and complain. I am slowly, but surely, realising that this is affecting a lot of my relationships and friendships, I mean who wants to be friends with someone like that? Who wants to be around someone who brings that kind of negativity? A lot of people understand that struggles, they want to help, lend an ear, but I am getting to the point of no self control and this letting it all out thing is making me even more depressed, because I am becoming aware of the effects.

Welcome to the world of anxiety and depression.

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8 Songs That Made Me

There are often times I want to sit down and write a playlist that would be a reflection of my life up until this very moment, then I think that I would need much more than a day to complete this task, because each song that has the privelige of being on the list has to mean something or make me feel something the very first time I listened to it. Analysing every song I know, and really analysing them, would take weeks, then having to narrow them down to a good number of songs would be the hardest.

As a person who uses songwriting as an outlet to release the stress, emotions and the feeling of the world off my shoulders, I draw from other artists alike. I love storytellers and I love songs that are so raw that you can depict the exact emotions the writer was feeling as they wrote it. As much as I find songs about booty’s and going out getting f*cked up fun to sing to and get me in a mood high, they aren’t the songs that inspire me.

I’ve decided I would share 8 songs that from the first listen meant something to me…

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One Quick Trip to Sydney


Last week my friend Sam and I, along with our work colleague Kim, decided to take a spontaneous overnight trip to Sydney to surprise our friends Phil and Kayli. As a Melbournian, a part of me has never wanted to explore enemy grounds and I never felt the urge to visit this harbour city, but my lesson has been learnt, I secretly adored Sydney.

I have been to Sydney maybe 3 or 4 times in my life, never seeing anything but the airport and the view from above as I was taking off to America, oh and the one time I cruised around Vanuatu and New Caledonia we had a transfer to the docks to and from the airport, which we didn’t see much as it was early and I had my eyes closed for the bus ride. When I think about Sydney I think about mass crowds at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but Sydney isn’t just about that. Walking along the harbour from the Botanical Gardens to Darling Harbour is spectacular, with amazing views of other parts of Sydney and along the way the old buildings and hidden wharfs. Being there for only a night we didn’t get to see much, because Sydney is HUGE! But plans to go back for maybe a few more days are swirling around in my head.

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The American Throwback

So as I rummaged through my countless folders I have cramming up my computer I came across a video I made from clips from my trip to America early last year. I watched it over and over feeling the urge to just buy a ticket and head over there for another trip! BUT I can’t…

So whilst I find the time to do a write up of my recent trip to Sydney and the EATS I have had since, I wanted to share my trip!

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EATS:, Sorrento, Victoria


Boy it has been a busy couple of weeks since being my little road trip to Portsea! Now that I have found some time I can FINALLY update my blog with all my EATS since the road trip.

My road trip to Portsea was only a day trip so there is only so much eating I can do! But unfortunately, I only ate one meal that day as I was too busy hiking mountains, playing on the beach and enjoying the views the Mornington Peninsular has to offer. I’m glad that at 5pm my stomach took over my mind and I searched for a perfect place to satisfy my needs.

After leaving Fort Nepean I ended up driving back to Sorrento. I drove up the main street where I spotted a pub, a couple of pizza places and a couple Asian cuisine places. Nothing really stood out to me, although I should never judge a book by its cover. So I drove back towards to the highway, but before I left the town I spotted an Italian place close to the port where the Sorrento/Queensliff ferry docks. I parked the car and hoped it was open, thank God!

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5 Songs I Love Right Now

I finally got myself into gear and went on a little exploring on the world wide web to find some new tunes. I was creating a small playlist for myself to relax to as I was soaking in the bath the other day and I wasn’t satisfied with the tunes I had in my collection, I was ready for something new, but that’s not to say I don’t love my music collection. So I went exploring…

Here is five songs I found and fell in love with at first sound!

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