HME Reminder & The Ultimate Hiking List


Let me start off by explaining HeartMindEar to you all and my vision…

HeartMindEar is my very own platform to inspire and to be inspired. Since I can remember I have had a large space in my brain dedicated to wanderlust and the endless list I have of places to go in my lifetime. I often daydream of travelling to places far and wide to experience culture and nature.

For many years I have created blogs for thoughts and used them just as outlets rather than using them as outlets AND inputs. In recent times I have realised how important inspiration is, not only receiving inspiration but also giving inspiration. That is why I created HeartMindEar. I have grown from my selfish lust and want to share to inspire rather than ‘look what I am doing/have done’.

HeartMindEar has only began and isn’t something I update as often as a lot of blogs out there, but unfortunately I don’t go exploring and eating out every day as at the moment I am making myself busy with work so I can go on my ultimate European trip in March.

Just a little explanation as to why HeartMindEar is in existence and such a casual one at that for the time being.

This year I discovered the joy of hiking. I discovered just how relaxing and in touch with nature you can get. Just you (or a hiking partner/group) and the terrine. I discovered just how much I appreciate the sounds, the sights, the smells of the natural world and just how much it enlightens your soul, in a healthy way.

For inspiration for my trip recently, I came across a few lists of underrated places to see and food to eat around Europe, then I came across this amazing list and decided that this is what I want to achieve in my lifetime, all thanks to a freelance writer on Lifehack.orgSiobhan Harmer. I wanted to share the list, share the inspiration.

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The Bucket List


There are a million things I want to do before I die. Some involving adventure and exploration, some a bit more general and soul fulfilling. I am that kind of person who makes plans and never fulfils them, starts something but not see it through to the end…


I am not dying, I am scared that I won’t tick enough off my list to be satisfied with the life I lived as I lay on my deathbed. I want to be able to tell the people I love of all my adventures and inspire them to do the same. I want to tell my grandchildren about my travels, about conquering fears, about falling in love and building something. That you don’t become rich with money, you become rich wth experience and things that become the building blocks of your soul, of yourself.

So this book will contain a bucket list, but not only a bucket list that I tick, it will become a story and something to look back on, but also continuously add to, and one day when I am old, I can pass it down as an heirloom.

So here I go…

This is dedicated to the people I love… past, present and future

Today I woke up from a great dream, about me travelling the world, and I found an empty hard case notepad. I had decided I would make a bucket list… longer than the one I had already had hanging on my wardrobe door.

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In The Movies I Watch


Have you ever watched a movie and connected with it so deeply that you feel like it was written just for you? Of coarse you have, everyone has. Over the coarse of my years of watching movie after movie there has been a few stand out movies that have really connected to me and feel in-sync with my life, but none like the movie Eat Pray Love has at this point in my life (which is quite bad because I should have read the book first… I will. The book, in which the film is based on, is a memoirs of Elizabeth Gilbert, an author who finds herself unhappy in her marriage and moves on to a new boy friend and finds she is still unhappy in the life she was living. She realises that she needs to go in a new direction and decides to embark on a year long trip around the world to fall in love with life again and go on a journey to find herself. Liz begins her trip in Italy for a few months, a journey full of beautiful moments combining food and new found friendships. Next Liz travels to India where she gets in touch with her inner self through meditation and pray. After India Liz moves onto Bali where she learns about balance and finds love. Not that I am in a marriage that I am unhappy with, but I am in a rut where work  is draining me completely and I am feeling like I am losing myself yet again. This story inspires me so much to make that change and find who I am, truly. So it comes to the time where I begin to plan out my next adventure… Continue reading “In The Movies I Watch”

5 Places On My European List


So I have decided that in November I will be making my way to the UK travelling and working. I have come to that time in my life now that I feel the need to explore and experience somewhere other than everything I know here in Melbourne. As much as I love Melbourne, my favourite city next to Austin Texas and New Orleans Louisiana,  I need to spread my wings and fly. Whilst I am over there I plan to spend my first month exploring as much as I can. Working in hospitality over all these years have given me the amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world and FINALLY I will be able to visit them in their hometowns, most residing across the UK and France. This makes me super excited and I am so ready for this new adventure!

Without further ado, here is 5 places I have on my list to visit…

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