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Listen with your HEART, your MIND and your EAR.

My name is Rachel Rainsford, a twenty-something wanderlust being here to inspire and be inspired. Since I could remember I have been inspired by the world around me. I love exploring not only my surroundings, but the sounds and words I hear and the smells and flavours I taste. I want this space to be so much more than just a blog of my travels past, present and future, I want this space to be the continuous drawing board to building my journey, exploring myself through the inspirations around me. I want to share with you the places I go, the food I eat, the food I cook and the music that is the playlist to inspire my thoughts though my adventures. HeartMindEar will be so much more than just a travel blog, and I want you all to be apart of it with me.

My Story…

I have called a few places in Victoria, Australia, home throughout my life, beginning in seaside town Ocean Grove. A few years later our family moved across the state to a small farming town called Kaniva, near the Grampians. A few more years past and he moved back to our family home in Ocean Grove before my parents divorced and with our mum we moved to Ballarat, where I spent, probably, the most important years of my life there. Whilst I was living there, ‘finding myself’ through my teenage years, I always dreamt of moving to the big smoke, Melbourne. I finally made the move and have called Melbourne home, my favourite city in the world! Melbourne will always be apart of my heart.

I got my first real taste of travel back in 2010 when I headed over to the US of A with my family. I have my very first white Christmas, stood at the top of the world in New York and crossed the boarder into Canada. Going with my family was great but I found I had no interest in travelling the ‘tourist’ way. My next holiday was my first international trip without my family. I got onto a cruise ship with my friend and went to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. It was this trip I made friends for life and experienced culture for the first time. The visits to the islands opened my eyes and my heart to, what seemed, a whole new world. This was the point in my life I realised I wanted to travel in a way that allows me to become culturally rich and experience so much more than a photo with a cities tourist attraction. This also made me open my mind to new experiences and become more accepting of everyone around me. My most recent international trip was at the start of 2014 where I headed back over to America with two university friends and road tripped. This time around in America I was more focused on embracing culture. I danced in the streets to a 12-piece jazz band in New Orleans, I ate BBQ in Texas and celebrated hard through March Madness in Memphis. I also took a trip down to Mexico City where I was culturally challenged. I try to learn from each of my travels. As I prepare myself for heading out into the world early 2016 I want to explore as much as my own backyard as Victoria have some pretty magical places to see.

Food is my life. It is something that has made me strong, allows me to express and see it as an art. I began my food journey as a 14 year old when I got myself a school-based apprenticeship. At 16 I left school to pursue a career in hospitality. I went from loving the kitchen to hating it. My passion fire had burnt out at 18 but soon reignited when after moving to Melbourne and working with some of the most passionate chefs. I realised my passion for food wasn’t in cooking in restaurants, although I still have it as my full-time job, my passion for food lied in creations, experiencing, experimenting, the chefs I work with and ties in with my fascination with culture. I love home cooking and I love eat out at places that allows me to try something new.

I have an obsession with playlists. I make a playlist for everything I do and I love sharing them. As cliche as it is, but music has been something that has built me as a person. The music I listen to and love is because I make a connection to the meaning, the music, the words of each and every song. I believe the music you listen to creates the atmosphere, creates the vibe to inspire and be inspired.

HeartMindEar is the mortar that brings together the three most important parts of my life that has, and will continue, to build me as a person. 



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