HME Reminder & The Ultimate Hiking List


Let me start off by explaining HeartMindEar to you all and my vision…

HeartMindEar is my very own platform to inspire and to be inspired. Since I can remember I have had a large space in my brain dedicated to wanderlust and the endless list I have of places to go in my lifetime. I often daydream of travelling to places far and wide to experience culture and nature.

For many years I have created blogs for thoughts and used them just as outlets rather than using them as outlets AND inputs. In recent times I have realised how important inspiration is, not only receiving inspiration but also giving inspiration. That is why I created HeartMindEar. I have grown from my selfish lust and want to share to inspire rather than ‘look what I am doing/have done’.

HeartMindEar has only began and isn’t something I update as often as a lot of blogs out there, but unfortunately I don’t go exploring and eating out every day as at the moment I am making myself busy with work so I can go on my ultimate European trip in March.

Just a little explanation as to why HeartMindEar is in existence and such a casual one at that for the time being.

This year I discovered the joy of hiking. I discovered just how relaxing and in touch with nature you can get. Just you (or a hiking partner/group) and the terrine. I discovered just how much I appreciate the sounds, the sights, the smells of the natural world and just how much it enlightens your soul, in a healthy way.

For inspiration for my trip recently, I came across a few lists of underrated places to see and food to eat around Europe, then I came across this amazing list and decided that this is what I want to achieve in my lifetime, all thanks to a freelance writer on Lifehack.orgSiobhan Harmer. I wanted to share the list, share the inspiration.

The list is titled 30 of the World’s Most Breathtaking Hiking Trails You Must Visit and every track on this list I want to attempt! Some for the most expert hikers, some a great challenge, but all with amazing scenery!

The list is as follows:

(Pictures come from’s article)

The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah, America


Pays Dogon, Mali


The Haute Route, France & Switzerland


GR20, France


Inca Trail, Peru


Everest Base Camp, Napal


Indian Himalayas, India


Overland Track, Tasmania, Australia


Routeburn Track, New Zealand


Baltoro Glacier and K2, Pakistan


Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand


Fitz Roy Trek, Argentina


Cinque Terre, Italy


Santa Cruz Trek, Peru


Torres del Paine Circuit, Chile


Desert Trek to Petra, Jordan


Kungsleden, Sweden


West Coast Trail, Canada


Sarek National Park, Sweden


Muliwai Trail, Hawaii


Croagh Patrick, Ireland


Grindelwald, Switzerland


Appalachian Trail, USA


Zillertal Alps, Austria


North Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa


Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland


Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia


Polar Route, Greenland


Kalalau Trail, Hawaii


Cordillera Apolobamba, Bolivia


This list is right, these places look BREATHTAKING! I knwo that the European ones will hopefully be attempted in March, the rest I hope to do over he many years I plan to explore this Earth.

It shows you just how beautiful our planet is and how vast the possibilities are!

What lists inspire you?



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