6 Magical Views In America

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It’s no secret that I am a big fan of America and the reason is that each state is completely different to each other. The first time I went to the States was back in 2010/2011 with my family and then I returned at the start of 2014 with two of my uni friends. Both trips very different to the other. I visited some places twice, and saw amazing places.

As I gather inspiration for my European adventure in a few months, finding pictures of incredible of places around Europe.I began to sit back and reminisce some of my favourite views in America, some natural, some man made. As I reminisced I began to feel my feet itching to head back over there and explore EVERY state, which I know won’t be for a few years now, but I can still dream.

Here are 6 views I came across on my American trips…

1.  The Grand Canyon, Arizona164318_495881097331_5419640_n

The Grand Canyon is, still today, my absolute favourite place I have been to. When I arrived and walked up to the edge I was hit with a wave of content-ness. Every problem I had on my mind was left at the state line and I felt like nothing could bring me down. Everything that surrounded me, the smells that I consumed was every bit magical. I think what made this magical moment even more magical was the snow in the desert, something I was overly fascinated about, and made it even more beautiful.

2. Seattle Great Wheel, Pier 57, Seattle, Washington


Seattle is a beautiful place and a place I hope to go back to and explore more wilderness. That’s the thing with only staying in a large place for a short amount of time, you can’t do everything you hope to. But I still loved what were able to do while there. There is plenty to offer while you walk down Alaskan Walk. There are the ferries that take you to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton, there are various sheds full of shops and eventually you get to the famous Pike Place Market, where the very first Starbucks is! There is also the Great Wheel that offers the most magical views over Elliot Bay and in the distance you can see the mountains of the Olympic National Forrest. Probably the best $13USD I have spent. This photo was actually taken through a telescope, one of my favourite photos of my own collect.

3. Central Park, New York City, New York


New York City has SO MANY magical views, but the one that amazed me the most is the 360 degree view from Central Park. As you walk through this beautiful park, in between and over the trees you can seethe beautiful architecture that sits on the edge of the park. If you get the chance to get yourself to Central Park during winter, hire a pair of ice skate and be amazed. This activity will cost you approximately $25USD during the week, or $30USD on weekend rates, which includes access to the rink, skate hire and locker hire. This will be worth the fees as the view is unbelievable, and to make your New York experience more spectacular walk back up 5th Avenue and head up to the top of New York City in the Empire State Building, especially at dusk as the city begins to light up.

4. The French Quarters, New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is on my top favourite cities. Driving and walking around The French Quarters and Bourbon Street is magical. The buildings are breathtaking and unbelievably beautiful, it’s like taking a step back in time, and you can feel and hear all that jazz through out the streets. My favourite moment took place on Frenchman Street as we were walking to the famous Spotted Cat jazz bar, where Louis Armstrong use to play. About a block away from the Spotted Cat we came across a crowd of dancing people, filling up the street, which was in no way blocked as cars were slowly driving through as people danced around them. On the corner was a 12-piece jazz band just out playing for the fun of it. A magical life experience!

5. Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California


I wasn’t a big fan of LA, I’m not sure why. It could have been being exhausted from six weeks of non-stop travelling or because I found the places I went to seemed dirty. Despite that LA offers a pretty magical view from Hollywood Hills. From there you can see various spots like the Hollywood sign, the mountains of Angeles National Park and the city itself. Even through the haze the view from above LA is spectacular.

6. The Eye, Downtown Dallas, Texas


This actually an art instalment created by Chicago-based multimedia artist Tony Tasset. It is so fascinating and randomly beautiful! Dallas itself is a beautiful city, but this was my favourite view amonst the city. Located in Main Street in downtown Dallas. Grab yourself some BBQ and enjoy while checking out this amazing attraction.

What are other magical views you have witness in America?


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