M.I.A and Turning to Face the Strange, Ch-ch-changes

Wow, this is the first time I have logged here sing the start of August, I never realised just how busy I was until I got a few relaxing days off last week. To be honest I felt I put myself into the position of being busy all the time because my mental state got bad, which was good and bad to throw myself into a month of crazy work hours and no time to relax. Good because I felt myself getting bad within my headspace so in keeping myself busy I was able to block out the bad thoughts, the lows, but in doing so I ran myself completely down, I got physically sick and I became short tempered and frustrated with everything. But finally I have given myself the taste of relaxation and I am enjoying it, even though my headspace isn’t quite right, I will get there, there is always hope.

Even though I filled my schedule completely with work, a lot has changed some for the best, some a bit upsetting but is better in the long run. I’ll start with my move. I packed up my things and started selling my things, getting ready for the even bigger move in November. I moved back into my old share house and this times it is much more relaxing and not so awkward because everyone gets along. The crew here is solid and easy to live with. This house hadn’t been like this since I first moved in over 2 and a half years ago. It’s a great feeling to actually look forward to coming home and hanging out with the people you live with.

The next change to come within my life at this current time is getting my passport back with that special page for my UK visa, which is such a great feeling. I was very excited to retrieve it, although it was very bittersweet. After doing my tax and finding out that I actually owe quite a bit of money due to my university loans, I made the adult decision to change my ticket and work throughout summer and leave in March. One, because it allows me to pay off this debt without the pressure of a short time limit and two, I will be able to travel before having to get a job, if I left it to my original plans I would be going straight to England and having to find a job straight away, not exactly my ideal plan. So, I guess I have the Aussie summer to look forward to with great people!

With 6 months of working my ass off and enjoying Australia I will do my best to keep exploring! With that said I have decided to re-design my approach and my blog. A bit more organised and a bit more… me! Stay tuned as I finally have the time to update and really work on expressing myself as a person on here. I want to share more of my at-home cooking and recipes, more reviews on places I eat and, hopefully in the near future, more vlogs! By the time I head off to the world I will seem more of a professional! :p

I shall keep you posted my babyfaces! ❤


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