EATS:, Sorrento, Victoria


Boy it has been a busy couple of weeks since being my little road trip to Portsea! Now that I have found some time I can FINALLY update my blog with all my EATS since the road trip.

My road trip to Portsea was only a day trip so there is only so much eating I can do! But unfortunately, I only ate one meal that day as I was too busy hiking mountains, playing on the beach and enjoying the views the Mornington Peninsular has to offer. I’m glad that at 5pm my stomach took over my mind and I searched for a perfect place to satisfy my needs.

After leaving Fort Nepean I ended up driving back to Sorrento. I drove up the main street where I spotted a pub, a couple of pizza places and a couple Asian cuisine places. Nothing really stood out to me, although I should never judge a book by its cover. So I drove back towards to the highway, but before I left the town I spotted an Italian place close to the port where the Sorrento/Queensliff ferry docks. I parked the car and hoped it was open, thank God!

Only part of the restaurant was open, for the reason of not being so busy due to weather and being a Tuesday night, but that didn’t bother me. When I walked in there were only 3 tables were sat but as I left the restaurant filled a little more.


ITALI.CO Sorrento offer the Italian classics such as meat platters, bolognese, meatballs, pizza, tiramisu etc… The menu is quite big, but not so big that it is impossible to choose and you end up going for the same thing you always go for. That’s what I find irritating at places that have a vast selection, I become so overwhelmed that  I end up picking the dish that I seem to always get, which is something along the lines of fish and chips, but Itali.Co Sorrento have a perfect amount of options.

After ordering a juice and my stomach deciding that I was able to consume an entree AND main I placed my order with one of the very friendly staff.


I decided to start with the Brasato De Manzo, which is a piece of slow braised beef served in the beefy broth with a few onions. The smell of the dish made my mouth water as it was placed in front of me and at the first bite I was instantly in love! The beef just melted in your mouth and the flavours were sensational, just typing this makes me want to skip work tomorrow to drive back and order another round. The only downside to this meal was IT IS ONLY ONE SIZE! More please!

After finishing my entree completely, holding myself back from licking the bowl making sure I got ever last drop, my mains arrived that intrigued me from the word go! Placed in front of me was the Risotto Gamberi.


At all the places I’ve have worked at in the past and all the places I have been, never have I seen risotto presented on a long square plate. Don’t think I am dissing this because I appreciate creativity when it comes to plating up dishes, and Itali.Co Sorrento, in my opinion, nailed it when it comes to risotto. Aside from my fascination of plate up’s, this dish was possibly the best risotto I have had so far when eating out. The Risotto Gamberi tasted fresh, saucy (but not too saucy), had the perfect amount of tomato flavour and was accompanied by a generous amount of tiger prawns and scallops. Some times I have doubts in my mind when ordering dishes with prawns and scallops, and other seafoods alike, because I have, in the past, received seafood dishes that have been overcooked or have tasted dirty and old, but this dish perfected it. I was also impressed with the texture of the risotto. I don’t often choose risotto as my meal, but when I have I am left disappointed because it is either too runny, too gluggy, undercooked or over cooked, I have never won with the choice of risotto but I am 110% happy that I decided on risotto at Itali.Co Sorrento because it seems like the chef(s) know what they’re doing!

I would defiantly recommend anyone who is headed to Sorrento, or Portsea, to drop by for a meal. Friendly staff, great food and after dinner you can enjoy a lovely stroll along the beach. Too bad for me that the weather turned bad and was pitch black by the time I left.

Itali.Co Sorrento is located at 1 The Esplanade, Sorrento, Victoria 3943

And if you are unable to get down the coast and are in Melbourne Itali.Co also have a place in St.Kilda, which I am sure that have just as good food! 1/173-177 Barkly Street, St Kilda VIC 3182


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