The Way to Portsea


After pushing through the struggle of the weekend at work I treated myself to solo road trip down the Nepean Highway, all the way to Portsea. I’ve never been to Portsea before so I took this chance to spend the day exploring the coast line that leads to Fort Nepean.

From Elwood, Portsea is about an hour and half drive if you drive straight there without stopping, but who wouldn’t take the opportunity to detour and stop off at breath taking spots to admire what Port Phillip Bay has to offer! I was in awe the whole drive and was a bit annoyed that it had taken me so long to make this drive, especially because it is right outside my door!

I began the day at a little bit before 11 and headed down Beach Rd that takes me pass beautiful places like Half Moon Bay and Black Rock before joining the Nepean Highway. Beach Road is hard to drive the limit as it is just filled with seaside mansions that look incredible, I had to slow down a lot so I could admire. I got to Frankston in good time though and continued on the highway, pass the furtherest point I’ve been on this road, and found a sweet little point that gives you a great view of Frankston and Melbourne, further along the coast line. After taking a few shots I jumped back in the car and continued on.

If I had a little more time, meaning I woke up earlier than I did, I would have loved the chance to explore Mount Eliza and Mount Martha, have a cheeky little wine taste at one of the wineries, but sometimes you need to save it for another day. The drive is amazing as you steer a little left of the coast and head into green, rolling hills just outside of Dromana. As I drove I saw a couple of exit signs for Arthurs Seat. The first few signs I assumed it was a little town with a weird name and that I would continue on, but as the last exit sign rushed pass me I quickly changed my mind, my curiosity got the best of me and I am so blessed that it did!

Following the signs to Arthurs Seat is a skill in itself because Arthurs Seat is a mountain and has u-turn bends all the way up, meaning you have to literally slow down to 10km/hr to make it up there alive. As I drove up I was astounded and lost for words. I stopped off a Murray’s Look Out first and saw Port Phillip Bay as a whole. Even through the hazy weather the view was stunning!


I got back in the car and continued up the hill to the next look out point, which actually had walking tracks passing through, something I would love to go back to do the full circuit. I parked the car and followed the circuit track down a bit to a spot I fell in love with, I felt like I was on top of the world. Looking out over the Mornington Peninsula and Port Phillip Bay made me feel so small and so big at the same time. It is moments like these that make you want to see more and more of this world.


Arthurs Seat is a very beautiful place to visit and offers the best views of the bay, and at the top Seawind Park is breath taking as well. A peaceful place to stroll around and admire the beauty of nature, as well as learn about the history of the mountain.


After heading back down the mountain and getting back on the highway my next stop would be Rye, a small coast town to relax and take a walk along the beach. Sitting at the end of the pier seemed like the most relaxing moment. Listening to the waves gently hit the pier and watching a couple of men try their luck at fishing. The water was the clearest I’ve ever seen, which made me yearn for a trip down here during the warmer months to float around without a care in the world.


It was back in the car I got to get to my final destination… Portsea. The drive is quite distracting as I look to my right at the coast line until eventually I got to Sorentto and saw the ferry that takes you across the bay to Queenscliff, I was tempted but didn’t give in as I would probably find myself having to spend the night either here or in Queenscliff. I followed the signs to Portsea and headed to the surf beach where, again, I was amazed by a breath taking view of the Mornington Peninsula. It was a bit disappointing that the London Bridge collapsing a few years ago, but I didn’t let that destroy my moment of beauty.

11693206_10153118797239495_507389603_n 11657446_10153118797279495_173076154_n

My final leg of this trip was to get to Fort Nepean, only a further 5 minute drive towards the point of the bay. I wish I had researched a little better because a lot of the Fort info centres had closed for the day, so I took a track to the beach and walked along the sand, taking it all in. The beach was private and I felt like I was on a deserted island, full of drift wood and wilderness.


Everything about this road trip was perfect to me, and I truly recommend it to anyone travelling Victoria or Australia or even if you are from Melbourne and fancy a little day trip. The sights are priceless and there is something about the drive that cleanses your soul.

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