Lovin’ Yourself

new-wallpaper-16There is so much in this world that makes you feel like you are not the prettiest, the skinniest, the smartest. We are faced with images of how we should look and what people of the opposite sex or even the same sex find attractive. I have been guilty of feeling this way. Even as young as 10 I felt I wasn’t as pretty as my friends because I had a moustache and bushy eyebrows due to genetics. When I started high school it made me feel even worse, feeling the need to shave my legs every day because my hair grew so fast and the constant struggle with trying to hide all my unwanted hair. I wasn’t really allowed to wear make up and I never felt confident enough to push my mum in buying even some mascara, that we couldn’t afford. My confidence levels were super low and it was because I would read girly magazines with the latest fashion on ‘perfect’ bodies. When I moved schools in year 9 my confidence was boosted a little because my little beestings grew over that summer, although my stomach and thighs caught up soon after. I slowly got into wearing make up and felt a little more confident in myself.

I finally got to an age where I began to caring less and less of what people thought of me. I really looked at my friends and found everyone so unique and that’s what made them attractive to me. Not because they had beautiful skin and a skinny body, because they loved 60’s fashion, because they loved literature, they loved music that was yet to be discovered by the majority, because they were confident in their own skin. My friends at the age of 16 were my inspiration for confidence, although having anxiety caused a little road block on my path to finding who I am.

I am guilty of having moments of weakness where I look at someone, in person or in a magazine, and feeling so ugly, even at 23. “My stomach isn’t flat. I have unwanted hair. My teeth aren’t perfect. I don’t have the money to fix these things”, thoughts that run through my head when I feel pressured by standards of media. I finally talk myself out of this low point with making myself feel proud of accomplishments in my life and my inner beauty, because that’s what really matters.

GIRLS, NOT ALL MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO PERFECTION! The other night I went out for drinks with a few friends, I dressed up in my new top and boots and felt really nice, not hot or pretty, I felt good in it. Not for anyone else, but for myself. As the night went on I was getting the ‘eyes’ from one of my friends, who has been an on/off friends with benefits for a long time. When everyone else left it was just us and all that was going though my head was “Shit, I know where this is leading to and I haven’t shaved/waxed my legs or hoo-ha!”. We were standing at the corner waiting for a taxi when he finally turned to me and asked if I wanted to come around. I sighed feeling a little embarrassed that I wanted to but I wasn’t groomed up to standards! I bit my lip adn looked at him feeling ashamed, “I haven’t shaved anywhere!”. He snickered a little before grabbing my hand and saying, “I don’t care”.

So that was a first for me and this has really boosted my confidence to a whole new level. This isn’t me saying I will go sleeping around looking like a caveman because that isn’t what makes me feel good about myself, but this means I don’t have to feel so pressured. And girls, this isn’t me saying, yeah a couple times is alright but make sure you shave, this is me saying if you feel good about yourself all wild and out grown GO FOR IT! You shouldn’t have to groom yourself out of your comfort zone for someone else.

I see a lot of posts on Facebook about women who don’t shave their armpits and I see a lot of comments that am negative such as “That’s disgusting”. Although I personally don’t like my armpits all out of control, I am all for women who feel good about themselves like that!

This post is about loving yourself and having your OWN standards for yourself to feel confident for yourself. If that means wearing make up, removing every single hair, painting your hair a million colours then so be it. It is the same for people who don’t feel the need to be skinny, hairless or made up. We are individuals and it is what is inside you that counts!

Today I felt happy in my own skin so took a bunch of happy snaps of myself, otherwise known as selfies, and made this collage for you, and myself. EMBRACE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


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