EATS: Wild Organic Cafe


This morning I got out of bed reasonably early, 10am, as I start at 3pm today, because I was determined to get back into running. So I made my playlist and headed out. I got to say I was pretty proud of my efforts for jogging as my last one was about 4 or 5 months ago. On the way back I decided I would grab myself a coffee from one of the cafes Ormond Road, Elwood, has to offer, a little treat for my efforts.

I ran to a little cafe on a corner towards the start of the Ormond Road Village, a little cafe called Wild Organic Cafe.

I was pleased to see they offered dairy alternatives other than just soy for coffees, so I ordered myself an almond milk latte. It sounds wanky but for someone who is lactose intolerant this is not by choice, and anything is better than soy in my opinion. I looked at the menu and decided I would treat myself to a spot of brunch, a healthy option so my run would seem more worth it. They offer a lot of tasty items and I decided to go the Acai Bowl. A blend of acai and apple juice served with apple, banana, strawberries and house made granola, it was heaven in a bowl, and even looked it! It was like a smoothie bowl and the granola complimented the refreshing acai and apple juice puree so great!

If you ever find yourself on Ormond Road in Elwood, which you should because it is a nice area that offers a lot, make sure you pop in to Wild Organic Cafe, even if it’s just for a coffee.

Wild Organic Cafe: Shop 4 122 Ormond Road, Elwood, Victoria 3184


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