6 Songs To Run To


One thing I am bad at is keeping healthy. I don’t have a proper diet and am terrible at exercising. I will admit it because there is no point in denying it, and lately my body is showing all the signs of wanting to be treated in a healthy manner. I’ve become tired easy, I can’t sleep, I’ve gained weight, I’ve also lost weight in the worst way and I feel terrible all the time. Last night at work it was just before dinner service and I became a bit peckish. At this point I would begin picking at food and not stop all night or make myself a pizza, but last night I held back and I made myself a salad, putting veggies through it and a bit of salmon. It filled me up for the rest of the night and I felt good about myself after it, so I decided from that point I would put myself into a some what routine and get back to being healthy, not to lose weight or gain muscle but to feel good about myself and not feel sluggish and sick all the time.


So this morning I decided to go for a run, something I haven’t done for about 4 or 5 months. I enjoy running in the Elwood/Brighton area because by the beach if you look back there is the most beautiful view of the city! But no run is complete without a playlist to keep you motivated, here is 6 songs that are on my running list…

1. Flashlight by Ellie Goulding ft. DJ Fresh

Ellie Goulding is on every playlist I have made for running in the past because her music, especially off her album Halcyon Days, have amazing beats to run to, and be motivated to! Try it!

2. After Midnight by Blink 182

The beat to this song is amazing!

3. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Can’t stop, won’t stop moving”

4. Keep Shining by Shad

When I was running to this song I felt I was like in a music video, smiling and running. I love running to songs that tell a story and are motivational as hell!

5. I Want U by Alison Wonderland

Always a favourite to keep me motivated, the beat just does everything for me!

6. Proof by Paramore

Running to pop-punk is just cool okay!



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