My Concrete Jungle

11262835_10153082684214495_1495842575_oIt is no secret that Melbourne is my favourite city in the world! It holds a special place in my heart and no matter how far away I travel I will always called Melbourne home. Now I came to the city in October 2011 after getting a job in the city and waited patiently for uni to start in February. I always knew one day I would end up here. My fascination for Melbourne started very young as I was a young girl living in the middle of nowhere with big dreams of adventure, and at that age the big smoke was something to aspire to. A lot of my family live in and around Melbourne so we travelled there for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, special occasions and every time we came over the West Gate Bridge and saw the city skyline I fell more and more in love with it.

Melbourne has become my home and not because the streets are beautiful, there is always something to do, it’s full of different cultures and it also made me a strong person.

I spent my first 2 months in Melbourne living at my grandma’s house in North Melbourne, which I absolutely loved as it was walking distance from EVERYWHERE! On my days off I would walk around and pick out townhouses I would like to live in, eat out on Errol Street and catch the tram to anywhere, but my North Melbourne lifestyle came to a bitter end when family dramas got in the way. So I half moved back home to Ballarat, commuting for a month or so and couch surfing with friends. Then my bestfriend, who just broke up with her boyfriend, said she found a room in South Yarra that we could share for awhile. I agreed as it would save us both a lot of money to share a room, and a bed which was fine for awhile.

South Yarra was a whole different species of humans there with Chapel Street a block away full of shopping, food and bars. I didn’t mind living there as the road I lived on was nice in Autumn, it was close to public transport and there was never a dull moment on Chapel Street. South Yarra living was short lived when being so close to my bestfriend ALL the time, along with annoying housemates, we decided to move on and try the alternative style of living. We moved into a warehouse, each having our own room, in Brunswick located right on Lygon Street, Little Italy. Living there never felt so right, even when people would raise an eyebrow at the fact we lived in a warehouse. The vibe in Brunswick is amazing and suited both Emily and I to the tee. Drinking at bars and seeing bands on Sydney road, eating at 24 hour cafe across the road most nights and the walk into the city isn’t that bad! It was also great because after a night out with my work mates we would split the cab because we all lived in that direction.

Eventually Emily met a boy and moved in with him and a new guy moved in, Luke. At that point I was certain that I wasn’t destine to have housemates because everyone I attract are weird and get on my nerves. After 4 or 5 months of anger towards my drug addict housemate, whom I thought was dead a couple times, I began searching for a new home. As much as I wanted to stay in the Brunswick area I felt the need to change my lifestyle a bit and get my life back on track. Enter Brighton.

I replied to an ad on Gumtree to a small room in a share house in Brighton. When I caught the train there all I could think was, this is so far away but I really need this. It was a mansion! It had a front yard, backyard, pool and so many cool people under the one roof. I quickly said yes and I packed up my things. I really owe these guys my life accepting me in that house. I found a whole new family and for the first time in so long I was happy. Then after a year and a half housemates changed, the house became messy and I was tired of being kept up all night so I made the decision to rent alone. I found a nice, small apartment around the corner in Elwood and loved it. I had my own space, what mess I had was my own and I was in walking distance of the beach and St Kilda, but I quickly became lonely, who do people do it! I still reside in Elwood with plans to move back to the Brighton house for the last few months before I jet off.

Today I should have been clearing out my closet, downsizing my items and cleaning the house, but instead I felt the need to walk around the streets of the CBD. It’s beautiful what you can find and the 4 highlights of my day were:

1. Melbourne Central Station

Melbourne Central shouldn’t only be a place you go to shop and catch the train, it should be a place you go and admire the amazing architecture of the building! As you walk in from Swanston Street, to a massive opening, just look up. Amaizng, just simply amazing!

2. Chinatown

Chinatown has always been my favourite place, the only thing I don’t like about it is, it’s not big enough! Lantens hang over the street, traditional Chinese architecture as the entrance and yum cha for a far as the eye can see! Ever since I as born I have been going there, as my Grandpa was Chinese so eating Chinese with the family was a big thing, and have been my favourite thing to do. Without realising, whenever any of our family decide to go out for food we instinctively just walk to Chinatown. Oh, and I can’t forget the best time of year… CHINESE NEW YEAR! The streets get blocked off and come to life with dragons and firecrackers.

3. Street Artists/Performers

Every single day of the week there are hundreds of people putting their talent on public display. You can’t walk down the street without someone singing, beat boxing, creating art, doing magic etc… Today I came across this amazing guy with a talent of chalk art. I feel bad I only had 20 cents to give him!

4. The View

The final thing… THE VIEW! A breathtaking angle of the city, standing at my favourite spot, The Princes Bridge. There are no words!


My concrete jungle will always be my home, even though I have only been living here full time for the last 4 and a half years. When I come back from travelling this is the place I will call home!


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