6 Song The National Wrote That I Love Dearly


Beautiful songwriting is something I cherish greatly, and I found that in a band called The National. It was 2011 I heard a song of theirs off a TV show, but unfortunately I didn’t go on to find out who sang it. About a year later I discovered them, I can’t remember how, and I fell in love with them. It was a much better feeling when I met my friend Emma, when we started uni together, and she felt the same feelings as I did when I listened to them. It got even better when I met my friend Pat at work and he felt the same way. I love when people I know feel the same way as I do about artists and songwriting, a special connection.

When I started obsessively listening to The National I more and more looked into the lyrics, because it was beautiful poetry and connected with me on a crazy level! Some songs felt so close to home they may as well have been written for me.

Here are 6 songs by The National that I fell in love with…

1. Daughters of the Soho Riots


2. Bloodbuzz Ohio


3. conversation 16

coffee with flowers

4. I Need My Girl


5. Green Gloves


6. About Today


What band give you them feels and emotions through lyrics?


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