The Great Ocean Road

5In December and January I was blessed to have a few English backpackers walk into my life and become a part of it for their time spent in Melbourne. They made me feel happy, motivated and were always there for support and a good time. In February we all decided that we would take my car, a tent and a few sleeping bags and explore the Great Ocean Road for the night. As he time drew near a couple of them had to pull out due to work, but my friends Sam and Kayli were up for the trip. We got in the car one morning and headed off. The plan was to drive until we got to Warnabool, or just when we wanted to stop driving for the day, set up camp them head back the next day.

We got to Anglesea for the first stop of the day, checked out the famous Round the Twist lighthouse, which Sam and Kayli had no idea what it was, it’s an Aussie thing. The view from the lighthouse was nice and we knew it was only going to get nicer. We jumped in the car and continued on to Lorne where we saw a sign saying Erskine Falls and took a small detour. We parked the car and walked down these steps that lead to a small landing over looking this beautiful waterfall. Going further down the steps we got to the bottom where it was even more beautiful than it was from the landing. The smell of forest and the sounds of the water fall, it is a great place.

5We headed back up the car, which was a real hike and felt like we were dying again at the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs again. We kept driving along the coast and made it to Apollo Bay for a spot of lunch. Apollo bay is nice, relaxed and chilled. We didn’t want to stay long so we continued after lunch. Driving around these outrageous bends we saw another sign for waterfalls. We parked and started going down this track, passing by a few people saying the falls was quite a long hike. After considering trekking it, we decided to head back to the car as we wanted to get to the 12 Apostles before it got dark. We continued on for a couple more hours before getting to a packed out car park where the 12 Apostles lay.

551529_10152835911169495_821200694615924597_nIt is a beautiful sight! Despite there being 100’s of people pushing past trying to get the perfect photo angle, it is a breath taking moment. After our moment with nature we continued on to Warnabool. It was around 6pm and were pretty knackered. Feeling satisfied with what we had saw, we thought it would be hilarious if we drove back that night and pitched a tent in the front yard and surprise everyone who couldn’t come. So we headed back. As the sun began to set it gave us the most beautiful views and I felt content with life.

Even though the night drive was a little scary as you slowly drive around bends and cliff edges, we got back at midnight. Trips like this make me feel so thankful for the people in my life and I am glad I did this short road trip with Sam and Kayli, maybe next time I go on this trip I’ll actually camp out.



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