Selfies with Kangaroos

5A couple months ago my friend Kayli expressed that she wanted to get a picture with a kangaroo while she’s in Australia. Around Melbourne there are a couple wildlife parks full of native animals, so I suggested we drive up to my hometown of Ballarat and spend the day at the wildlife park there.

Kayli’s joy was priceless and it was hilarious taking selfies with these friendly animals, except for one, pictured with me in the middle. He had a bad attitude and thought he was all thought and stuff, stealing our food and head butting us, shame. I hadn’t been to the park since I was back in high school for a class excursion and didn’t think much of it, but as I have grown up and matured I have had a more of appreciation for experiences, even if its just patting kangaroos.

The Ballarat Wildlife Park offer a good day out with a chilled atmosphere, crocodile shows, eagle shows and often have little public animal information shows where they bring out koalas, wombats and animals alike and give the crowds fun facts and a photo opportunity.

It is popular with school groups and tour groups, but if you ever want to escape the city for a day then Ballarat Wildlife Park is that relaxing spot you should take a chance on. It is $30 entrance fee for an adult and $3 for a bag of food for the kangaroos.


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