Up She Goes!


Over the years I have found pleasure in finding artists to relate to and to inspire me with not only writing and playing music, but with life. I have many artists in my collection that I will forever be grateful to have found, even if some of their music careers have been put on hold or hiatus or never really took off as big as some others. I always felt this comfort during the hardest times with these songwriters filling my room with magical sounds and lyrics that meant so much to me. I did, un-shamefully, use to have these lyrics as Myspace statuses and headlines depending on how I felt. I use to work them into the art I did and one time I took all the lyrics that felt the closest to me and wrote them on post-it notes then created a wall art of them in the shape of a heart. I was, and still not, ashamed of that, as cliche as the whole act sounds, because of the amenity they gave me.

I want to talk about one artist that inspires me so much and even seven years on since hearing the first song of heard of hers, February Air, I have been a number one fan. I will admit it even, I fan girl over her. Her name is Lights, an electro-pop, singer-songwriter from Canada who creates magic to the ears.


I think what intrigued me at first was she wasn’t afraid to share her mass nerdiness to the world with vlogs that were beyond dorky. It inspired me to just be myself no matter who makes fun of me. She is also honest and has a real connection to her fan base. I remember in 2012 she announced her supporting tour in Australia and I almost died. I bought tickets straight away and talked about my excitement up until the minute I walked through Festival Hall. I do admit that Lights vocals aren’t the most amazing live, but I don’t care as it is much more than live vocals. It’s about atmosphere and the way it makes you feel, to me I felt at my happiest, even through the darkest of my days. She has not since returned to Australia and her music isn’t played on our radios here since the lead up of her first Australian shows, I guess Australia isn’t her market, but that doesn’t mean her artistry isn’t strong.

I think the biggest thing I love about Lights’ music is that, although she releases electro-pop music with futuristic sounds and cute synths, she is able to acoustically perform each and every song she writes in an intimate performance, which actually resulted in an acoustic EP released in 2010 and a whole acoustic record of her record Siberia in 2013. So I wanted to share four of my favourite acoustic performances of Lights over her career.

1. Ice (Ska Version)

That time that Lights covered her own song Ice acoustically in a ska version was amazing and showed the world just how talented she is!

2. In The Dark I See

That time, whilst we were all eager to find out the release date of Siberia, she gave us a beautifully written acoustic song called In The Dark I See. The amount of times I play this on guitar is ridiculous!

3. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who Cover)

That time she covered Behind Blue Eyes by The Who so perfectly on Billboards. Also check out her acoustic version of her song River, also on the same Billboard session.

4. Running With The Boys

This is a most recent acoustic performance she has performed and it is more than beautiful and has made me fall in love all over again! Even with a more mature sound, yet the same magic!


Tell me if there is an artist that makes you feel happiness and you feel so connected to!


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