In The Movies I Watch


Have you ever watched a movie and connected with it so deeply that you feel like it was written just for you? Of coarse you have, everyone has. Over the coarse of my years of watching movie after movie there has been a few stand out movies that have really connected to me and feel in-sync with my life, but none like the movie Eat Pray Love has at this point in my life (which is quite bad because I should have read the book first… I will. The book, in which the film is based on, is a memoirs of Elizabeth Gilbert, an author who finds herself unhappy in her marriage and moves on to a new boy friend and finds she is still unhappy in the life she was living. She realises that she needs to go in a new direction and decides to embark on a year long trip around the world to fall in love with life again and go on a journey to find herself. Liz begins her trip in Italy for a few months, a journey full of beautiful moments combining food and new found friendships. Next Liz travels to India where she gets in touch with her inner self through meditation and pray. After India Liz moves onto Bali where she learns about balance and finds love. Not that I am in a marriage that I am unhappy with, but I am in a rut where work  is draining me completely and I am feeling like I am losing myself yet again. This story inspires me so much to make that change and find who I am, truly. So it comes to the time where I begin to plan out my next adventure… With plans on moving to the other side of the world in November to embrace change in a whole new way, I have decided my first month, before getting into a daily routine of work, I will travel as much as I can starting with a few trips around the UK to visit old friends and explore the kingdom for all its beauty, not jus the back streets of major cities. The plan at the moment is to visit my friend who lives in Northumberland, north of England, which is super exciting because the photos she posts on Facebook amaze me by the beauty of the countryside in which she live in. Then I will head up further north to Scotland and explore the highlands. This part of the trips aim is to get me back in touch with the beauty of nature. The rolling hills and the smell of the fresh air, appreciating what Mother Earth has provided us. After that I want to board a plane and head down to Paris where another friend of mine currently resides. Paris is a strange choice for me as I have never felt the want to travel there. All I think of when Paris comes to mind is long cues to historical sites and tourist attractions that never have appealed to me, and I have heard that Paris is quite a dirty place and everyone who is not from there despise Parisian people, but I guess that comes with every major city anyway, there is always that dodgy part of town. But seeing as I have a friend there visiting Paris doesn’t seem all that bad. After a good amount of time there I want to head down South, experience French wineries and countrysides before making it to the sea where I hope to travel along to Cinque Terre in Italy, and live a week or so in the beautiful, colourful town, that I hope is as beautiful in real life as it is in the pictures I see on the internet. I want to meet the locals and learn what family and community truly is as it seems that villages like that stick to old traditions. I want to eat, learn and be involved with family recipes, restaurants with traditions and be surrounded by love and care for each other, which I think France and Italy have in those small villages. That’s what I have planned for my first month or so in my travels and it will give me a chance to maybe start on a dream of mine I have had for a couple years now, which is to construct and write a book about family traditions based on food, which I think is the biggest thing in bringing people together. Fingers crossed, that in the next month or so I will have a plane ticket purchased and a visa so I can plan more and more and become excited for life again!


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