35 Songs At Random


I love making song lists, I love spending time at my mums house and I love not caring what people think of my music taste.

Every so often I will put my headphones on and refuse to press next on my media device. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures because why should you be guilty for the music YOU like? When people say “oh, you like that song?” with judgement it makes me angry because they seem to make that the base of who you are as a person or your whole music taste. Me, I have a wide open mind because I learnt a long time ago that one, having an open mind with music will make my dream to be in the music industry alot easy, and two, I am able to appreciate so much more. I listen to everything, and I mean everything. Some days I’ll clean to Louis Armstrong, some days I’ll scream the words to Miranda Lambert and some days I’ll act like a fool to the latest Ministry of Sound’s mix. In the last couple of years I even got a lot more appreciative of pop music on the radio. There’s no point in always being negative about the music that is on around when it’s not what you like, I’ve just learnt to appreciate it and still enjoy the moment.

So here is 35 songs that are on my phone, which I use as an iPod. No skipping, no shame. I think the only guilty thing about this is my lack of updating my music and getting some new songs on there!

1. My Oh My – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
2. Float On – Danny Brown ft Charlie XCX
3. Baby – Pnau
4. I’m So Sick – Flyleaf
5. When You Smiling (The Whole World Smiles) – Louis Armstrong
6. Alive (David Guetta Remix) – Empire Of The Sun
7. (Are You) The One I’ve Been Waiting For – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
8. Strange Attractor – Animal Kingdom
9. Hold You – Nina Nesbitt
10. Fake Tales of San Francisco – Arctic Monkey’s
11. Wrote A Song About You – MNEK
12. Gay Bar – Electric Six
13. Higher (Free) (Grant Nelson Remix) – All About She
14. Slow Down – Lights
15. Anything But Ordinary – Avril -Lavigne
16. High Voltage – Eagles of Death Metal
17. Saints and Sinners (His Story) – Lovehatehero
18. 6 Words – Wretch 62
19. Light My Fire – The Doors
20. Shirtsleeves – Ed Sheeran
21. The Permanent Rain – The Dangerous Summer
22. Strangers (Strip Steve Remix) – Van She
23. Closer – Tegan and Sara
24. Butterfly – Crazy Town
25. Stars – Switchfoot
26. I Heart Throbsy – The Amity Affliction
27. You Don’t Owe Me Anything – Tonight Alive
28. The Festival Song – Pez ft. 360 and Hailey Cramer
29. Friend of a Friend – Foo Fighters
30. The Wire – Haim
31. For The First Time – John Legend
32. Fighting Gravity – Blink 182
33. The Best of My Love – Eagles
34. Daughters of the Soho Roits – The National
35. Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Are you brave enough to share your songs on shuffle? You should be!


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