5 Places On My European List


So I have decided that in November I will be making my way to the UK travelling and working. I have come to that time in my life now that I feel the need to explore and experience somewhere other than everything I know here in Melbourne. As much as I love Melbourne, my favourite city next to Austin Texas and New Orleans Louisiana,  I need to spread my wings and fly. Whilst I am over there I plan to spend my first month exploring as much as I can. Working in hospitality over all these years have given me the amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world and FINALLY I will be able to visit them in their hometowns, most residing across the UK and France. This makes me super excited and I am so ready for this new adventure!

Without further ado, here is 5 places I have on my list to visit…

1. Cinque Terre, Italy


For many years I have been fascinated with pictures of Cinque Terre. The beautiful colours, the old mystical streets, it looks perfect! I have also heard such great things about this place making it my number one place to visit.

2. Northumberland, UK


One of my favourite movies growing up was Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman, so it was much to my excitement finding out one of my good friends, I had previously worked with in the past, lives there! Over the years we’ve had contact through Facebook so I was stoked to tell her I was coming over and she was one of the first people I would come visit! It was her that inspired me to add Northumberland to my list as the photos she posts from her bike rides and hikes are spectacular. She’s very lucky to be able to live there!

3. Colmar, Alsace, France


I am a sucker when it comes to small picturesque towns such as Colmar. These cute as a button houses make it look like a painting out of a 1800’s fairytale AND not only that Colmar is the wine capital of Alsace… mmm wine!

4. Stuttgart, Germany


I am not one to celebrate Christmas. My family and I don’t go all out and celebrate with loads of decoration and massive feast inviting all our relatives and dressing in ugly Christmas sweaters, no, coming from a broken family tend to end up in arguments of conflicting plans and set times to come home. It kind of ruined it to the point I use Christmas day as a rest day from work, laying on the couch and maybe a phone call to my mum. But with all that, I still want to experience a Christmas that is magical, and what other way than a German Christmas market, and I hear Stuttgart does it pretty well. I’ve had one white Christmas previously in Minnesota about 4 years ago which was pretty cool but I want a traditional village filled with lights and snow and delights!

5. Santorini, Greece


Of coarse Santorini is on my list, it is on pretty much everyones list of places to see in Europe. Although i’ve been told that when visiting the Greek Islands there are other places to go rather than Santorini because it isn’t the ‘party’ island, but that doesn’t matter to me because I’ve been intrigued with this island for as long as I have felt the need to travel. A week relaxing in this place beats anything in the whole world I reckon!

So what’s on your European list of places to go?


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