“This is my plan…” She says

My mind is running a million miles an hour every minute of every day and I have so many plans, wants, needs, dreams. I love expressing these to anyone who wants to listen and what my mind is yearning to plan for is travel. Last year I packed a bag and travelled to America with my two close uni friends for a trip of a lifetime. Although the trip wasn’t what I hoped, it was enough for me to begin planning another trip as soon as I returned to Australian soil, but as spontaneous as I want to be, I’m hardly that spontaneous. As the months went on I felt a void and what I need to do to fill it is travel. I began to plan trips in my head and I would go to work and tell my colleagues. As great as they sounded I wasn’t 100% convincing. As I thought of new travels and expressed them I heard the question, “But weren’t you going to…” too often. I need to take a step back. I need to stop the “This is my plan…” and actually plan. Which I am finally doing.

These are early stages, and I won’t quite say what the plan is just yet, but I am finally taking the steps. My first step for any future plans is getting rid of every debt I have. Time frame… two months. An achievable goal and effective for the bigger picture.

Baby steps Rach, baby steps.

It’s more than okay to dream and make plans for your future, but instead of talking about them, get into gear and make them happen! Heck, i’ll even take my own advise!


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